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Driveway & Pavement Cleaning in Edinburgh

Is your driveway looking unloved and messy? When it comes to driveways, car wheels carry with them a lot of dust, oil, pollution and dirt. Every time you drive your car in and out of the house, building or office, the dirt accumulates and forms a thick layer on your driveway. 

Regardless of the type of surface, brick, concrete, or liquid limestone, our technicians are highly knowledgeable and experienced in professionally cleaning your driveway using high-pressure equipment to give it the cleanest look possible. We offer super affordable services in the entire Edinburgh. 

Driveway Cleaning Procedure

Our driveway cleaning procedure makes use of a high quality-cleaning agent added to the surface of the driveway, which decays any kind of oils, fats, grease, streaks along with other nasties, which might slink on the driveway. We normally pre-treat the area with a low-pressure stone or timber wash to destroy fungal spores. Our services deliver beyond just scrubbing off the dirt and removal of weed.

Pavement Cleaning Techniques

Don’t risk trying to clean it yourself. Using the latest technology, we can bring back your pavement surface to its original quality and apply pavement sealers to protect it from dust and mud for years to come. Our advanced methods clear away dirt, stains, grime, and natural and synthetic contaminants. Pavement cleaners such as our bio detergents made particularly for clearing up the pavement remove biological stains from mould and mildew when there is moisture. You can simply depend on our team of experts, for whether your pavement requires weed removal or is in dire need of a top-quality sealant.

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DECKING Power wash

Exterior wood can decay due to continuous exposure to sun, water, dirt, mould and other things that attack its integrity. Therefore, it has to be maintained continuously and kept from decaying. Just even a regular cleaning can help a lot. Our company has been cleaning decks and bringing them back to life in Edinburgh for many years. We hire people who share our values and train them to become the best in the business.

We provide the following services in Deck cleaning domain: 

  • Prolong the life of deck by using the best wood cleaners. 
  • We use only the best penetrating wood preservatives for deck, fence, or other exterior wood. 
  • Complete wood restoration while saving cost
  • Washing, cleaning, maintaining and staining of the deck. 

Patio Power Wash

Our strength lies in hoarding high pressure patio cleaners along with eco-friendly solutions for cleaning that will thoroughly clean your patios of any dirt, grime, stains and other pollutants. Just like every other area of your property, your patio deserves a professional cleaning team that uses the latest methods and machines to provide a faster, more effective clean.

We provide the following services in Patio Cleaning domain:

  • Natural stone cleaning and sealing
  • Oil Staining removal
  • Tarmac cleaning and restoration
  • Re-Sealing to protect and prolong your surfaces and minimise maintenance.
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We offer you a stress-free solution for any type of concrete object. We can clean, renovate and renew concrete of any age and any condition. We have encountered and solved most concrete cleaning problems in our experience of 5 years. Having the right equipment, chemicals and expertise to cope with whatever cleaning problem you throw at us, we have proved our mettle in cleaning the roughest and most stubborn of the stains.


The types of stains we deal with: 

  1. Oil Stain Removal Power wash

Caused by engine oil spills and leaks, oil stains most commonly appear on driveways, car parks and petrol stations. They appear disgusting and if left untreated pose a threat to health and safety. By using the latest techniques of cleaning and solutions that safely removes oil from concrete, tarmac, and pavements, the surface becomes free of any stains.

  1. Paint Spills Power wash

Do you have stubborn paint stains that you cannot get rid of? Stubborn paint stains can be a nuisance to remove. We are on hand to remove any paint spills and stains from concrete, tarmac, walls, pavement and other exterior surface.

  1. Rust Stain Removal Power wash

The stubborn of them is the rust stain. They come from a variety of sources and are hard to remove off. However, with our hi-tech equipment and cleaning solutions, we can make any rust stains fade away, returning your flat surface to a much cleaner, stain free state.

Graffiti and chewing gum removal services

All the litter is disgusting, but graffiti and chewing gum can be particularly annoying. Whether it’s your own property, a local park or any commercial area, graffiti on the wall and chewing gums stuck on seats are real problems. These cannot be cleaned with regular litter removal methods; removal of such annoying and nasty dirt requires special team together with the right equipment to remove.

Chewing gum removal service

Chewing gum contains strong sticking properties. It is pretty much found everywhere these days, from walkways to school and shops. Once stuck, it can be very annoying and frustrating to spend a long time cleaning it off your shoe. Our team of cleaning experts working in this industry for over 5 years, use formulas power washers, and eco-friendly chemical cleaning agents designed for chewing gum removal. We use the right equipment and do a fantastic job at removing it restoring the contaminated surface to better condition.

Graffiti removal service


Graffiti can be a real nuisance for businesses and is ever so often difficult to remove, which is where we can help you. Using the most recent cleaning equipment, we are able to clean a wide range of exteriors and surfaces including masonry, paving, brickwork, metal, and wood, and removing all traces of graffiti and chewing gum. We use high-pressure steam cleaning and jet washing to remove graffiti. These environment friendly graffiti remover methods do not affect harshly the surface. We minimise the use of harsh chemicals and cleaning products.

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ROOF and Gutter Power Wash cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Procedure

Gutter cleaning can be a very messy and nasty thing to do, that’s why Edinburgh’s top most power wash cleaning service is here to save you from this odious and nauseous task. 

Gutters should be cleaned on a regular basis, preferably twice a year. If left uncleansed, weeds, leaves, dirt, and moss, will accumulate causing your gutters to overflow. Our high reach gutter vacuum takes away the risk of a deadly fall off a ladder by taking out all dirt and debris from your gutter system allowing rain water to flow freely once again.

ROOF TOP Cleaning Procedure

Your roof is one of your home’s largest investments and it deserves to be handled with care by the professionals. When it comes to roof cleaning, it can be a bit of a task. If we tell you that, you can have a clean looking, new and fresh roof in a matter of hours, would you believe us? All the dirt, stains, moss, streaks, and lichen that are ruining your roof can be gone in just a few hours.

At Eco Power Wash Solutions we aim to surpass our customers quality expectations. We offer Power wash roof-cleaning methods that are effective to ensure your roof recoups its beautiful appearance. At a very affordable cost in Edinburgh, you will get excellent results you desire with our exceptional roof cleaning services.

Walls stone and brick work cleaning services

Brick walls over the years take on a lot of damage from harsh weather and pollution.  One of the big problem in cleaning the brick walls is that  ladders are frequently required and for most of our customer, this is a nightmare.  Also knowing how to clean the walls without damaging them is an issue to which we have a solution for. We are experts in cleaning brickwork and stones of your property with our professional power wash services. 

We can also clean mortar stains from your stone and  brickworks.  We use our extendable telescopic lances which help us clean to a hight of up to 10 metres from the ground.

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