Power Wash


We offer you a stress-free solution for any type of concrete object. We can clean, renovate and renew concrete of any age and any condition. We have encountered and solved most concrete cleaning problems in our experience of 5 years. Having the right equipment, chemicals and expertise to cope with whatever cleaning problem you throw at us, we have proved our mettle in cleaning the roughest and most stubborn of the stains.


The types of stains we deal with: 

  1. Oil Stain Removal Power wash

Caused by engine oil spills and leaks, oil stains most commonly appear on driveways, car parks and petrol stations. They appear disgusting and if left untreated pose a threat to health and safety. By using the latest techniques of cleaning and solutions that safely removes oil from concrete, tarmac, and pavements, the surface becomes free of any stains.

  1. Paint Spills Power wash

Do you have stubborn paint stains that you cannot get rid of? Stubborn paint stains can be a nuisance to remove. We are on hand to remove any paint spills and stains from concrete, tarmac, walls, pavement and other exterior surface.

  1. Rust Stain Removal Power wash

The stubborn of them is the rust stain. They come from a variety of sources and are hard to remove off. However, with our hi-tech equipment and cleaning solutions, we can make any rust stains fade away, returning your flat surface to a much cleaner, stain free state.