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Spring is long gone and the sun is out beaming in all its glory! It’s time to get your patio cleaned and ready for summer. Power washing is a great way to augment your space’s curb appeal as well as to upsurge its value. We are a Power wash cleaning services company that specialises in the cleaning of domestic and commercial paving, rooftops, patio’s and driveways, and other places of your space using the state-of-the-art washing technology.

We are the one of the leaders in power wash cleaning company located in Edinburgh. Whether you have been living for long in your home, have just purchased it or are planning to sell your home soon-we sure know that the house needs complete cleaning. For this purpose, we are here to offer you our professional Power Wash cleaning service.

Oftentimes our back yards, driveways, and patios end up grubby, covered in moss, and slippery. Eventually you have to have them cleaned and scrub off all the dirt that’s stuck to the floor or roof. The ideal way to remove years of dirt, muck, mildew and grimy build-up from your home’s exterior is to use our safe and effective exterior cleaning process.

We also provide expert gutter cleaning services, graffiti removal as well as chewing gum using the newest and modern high reach cleaning equipment removal for both our domestic and commercial customers.

With 5 years of experience, we know the right tools to remove those pesky stains from every surface we possess the knowledge, experience and proper equipment to safely clean your property. We offer a full line of hot, cold, pressure and non-pressure cleaning services. We will leave your surface clean as new and crystal as water, from top to bottom and front to back. Basically, from every angle!

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